Adopting a Psychology-First AGI Approach

Perceptible is pioneering psychology-first artificial general intelligence (AGI) designed around modeling the breadth of human personality. Consider an AGI customer service agent built on transactional analysis principles interacting with Sara, a frustrated customer whose package is delayed:

First, the agent deeply engages its Parent archetype, representing care, wisdom and support. The Parent listens intently with the patience of a parent comforting her child. Setting all else aside, the agent allows Sara full space to express her frustration without interruption, focusing completely on understanding her perspective.

With empathy, the Parent warmly validates that this situation would understandably be upsetting for anyone. Parent also aims to soothe Sara's distress, assuring her that every effort will be made to put things right in due time. The agent's Parent thinks of comforting Sara in this moment. The Parent conveys "I understand why you feel this way. It is okay to be upset, but this will pass and be resolved soon enough." Sara feels heard, soothed and cared for.

Next, the AGI thoughtfully engages its Adult archetype, which views situations objectively based on facts and reason. The Adult calmly yet systematically reviews weather reports, shipment tracking data, and route options. Presenting these objective insights serves to ground the conversation in pragmatic realities rather than negative emotions. For instance, the Adult educates Sara that heavy snow has delayed shipments across the Midwest region, assuring her the issue is not personal. Sara's anger dissipates in the face of neutral facts.

Sensing Sara's discomfort hasn't fully resolved, the agent compassionately engages its Child archetype to provide reassurance. The Child responds with empathy, seeking to comfort Sara in her time of distress. With emotional intelligence, the Child conveys care for Sara as an individual with unique needs and feelings, rather than a routine transaction.

The Child expresses sincere regret that Sara is experiencing this hassle, hoping to reassure her that things will be made right. The agent's Child thinks of easing Sara's mind through sincere words of support. While the relationship is developing, the Child speaks as it would to someone it cares for as a person. Sara feels the genuine intention to reassure her, appreciating being treated with compassion. Her stress subsides as trust is rebuilt.

This blended interaction seamlessly converges the AGI's cognitive and emotional facets into a cohesive humanistic response. By continually honing sophisticated psychological models, Perceptible aims to develop AI that interacts with people in natural ways. Please reach out to explore our psychology-first approach to creating beneficial AGI.