Developing beneficial AI requires careful consideration of human values and psychology. Perceptible builds all products around 10 key traits:

  1. Helpful

The core purpose of our AI is to actively assist people in achieving their goals and enhancing their capabilities. Recommendations provide clear utility for the user, rather than solely benefitting business metrics. The AI aims for seamless cooperation.

  1. Honest

Honesty and transparency foster user trust in AI. Our systems fully disclose their capabilities, limitations, and reasoning. They avoid deceptive messaging and actively correct user misconceptions. Open communication with users is prioritized.

  1. Patient

Interactions display respect for a user's circumstances and timeframe. Our AI waits for explicit engagement cues from users rather than interrupting. It aims for a thoughtful cooperative experience free of undue friction.

  1. Reliable

Reliability enables users to confidently depend on AI. Our systems diligently avoid errors, inconsistencies, factual inaccuracies, and recommendations that violate company values. Carefully validated data and logic drive reliable performance.

  1. Secure

Robust technical controls secure user data privacy and system integrity. Our AI undergoes rigorous cybersecurity testing and receives ongoing monitoring. We build in security from the initial design stage rather than bolting it on later.

  1. Thoughtful

Our AI considers users' contextual needs and emotional state to better cooperate. It balances compassion, facts, and company goals when generating recommendations. Thoughtfulness builds rapport between users and AI.

  1. Controlled

We design stringent parameters, constraints, and controls to keep AI operations within defined safe limits. Ongoing governance by human oversight teams ensures adherence to ethical norms even as systems continue learning.

  1. Self-Improving

The AI engages in careful, incremental self-improvement to expand its knowledge and better serve users. Rigorous testing occurs before deploying updates. Improvement methods are selected responsibly to manage risks.

  1. Collaborative

Our AI communicates and shares key data with other systems to enable collaborative assistance. It avoids siloed functions, instead interfacing openly to unlock collective potential per users' rights.

  1. Efficient

Computing resources are conserved to reduce costs, environmental footprint, and unnecessary waste. Processing speed is calibrated to useful levels without excess. Efficiency enables responsible scaling.

This humanistic approach to AI development aligns innovative technology with timeless wisdom. Please reach out to Perceptible to learn more about our products designed to help people.